Wood Wall Panelling

Linear 3D wood decorative panels - vertical wooden lamellas for modular walls and ceilings

Our slats have been designed as a decorative element for wall decoration in both private and office interiors.

Strips for self-assembly - perfect for finishing walls and ceilings.

Can be mounted vertically and horizontally.

Lamella panels additionally soundproof and quiet the rooms by changing the propagation of sound waves in the interior.

Advantages of decorative wall lamellas:

  • Used on ceilings or walls as an element of decoration      

  • Can be mounted vertically and horizontally                   

  • For apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants                

  • They are made of wood        

  • Available in 7 colours           

  • They emphasize the character of the room           

  • They give a great atmosphere to the rooms      

  • Made with attention to detail

Zrzut ekranu (83).png

Choose a wood colour

Zrzut ekranu (84).png

Choose a background colour 

Thanks to the underlay with lamellas, you will cover the existing wall    This will save your valuable time spent on assembly, while making it as easy as possible


  • The lamellas are made of oak wood                             

  • The basic offer includes 4 colour choices: classic oak, dark oak, white bleached and black          *On request, we make slats in other colours                                  

  • The lamellas are attached to a support plate made of MDF                               

  • We paint the plywood in the selected colour: white, yellow, red, grey and black    *On request, you can choose any colour from the NCS palette                         

  • The slats and the board are joined by a tongue and groove system, which facilitates mutual assembly. Such a connection system stiffens the entire structure and prevents stretching of long slats during use            

  • The set includes screws for mounting the strips              

  • When ordering, please specify what type of panel you will need                        

  • It is possible to order only the closing strips                  

Types of linear panels

Type A :

Zrzut ekranu (90).png

Type A without closing strips

 to be mounted side by side

Type B :

Type CR :

Zrzut ekranu (92).png

Type B with closing end strips

Zrzut ekranu (93).png

Type C Right with end strip on the right

Type CL :

Zrzut ekranu (94).png

Type C Left with an end strip on the left