How can you order your dream table?​

Kopia CHOOSE WOOD (3).png

  1. Wood
Most of the tables are made of oak and walnut as well as exotic Samanea Saman wood. The wood that we offer to our clients comes from legal sources and is FSC certified, i.e .:

  • has not been obtained illegally or contrary to the interests of the local population,

  • does not come from valuable natural and social areas (forests in the Amazon basin are an example here),

  •  has not been obtained from genetically modified trees

Due to our love of wood, we pay attention to the grain, colour and structure of the wood, which ultimately gives a unique look to our projects.

  2. Epoxy resin
Do you want to personalize your table, upgrade it and make it extremely durable and easy to maintain? Then epoxy for your project is the right choice.
The epoxy resin table does not require special care, it can be cleaned with ordinary universal cleaning agents.

Our offer includes epoxy resin:

  • transparent white and in all colours

  • transparent with glitter

  • pearl in all possible colours

  • in neon and fluorescent colours

then the epoxy resin can be finished like:

  • matte

  • semi-matte

  • high glossy

3. Table finish, i.e. choose your table edge

Our products are covered by a 5-year warranty.